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We are looking for Distributors / Retailers for our products. We can offer super low prices due to being manufactured in the USA . Our Wholesalers and Distributors will get access to prices way below our retail prices. There is no way overseas company’s can compete with our prices or our quality.
We can supply full sales reports along with totals and pricing for the last 2 years.

For the latest prices and information and exclusive rights to our administrative area.

Please leave all contact information at


This is the best kid’s gymnastics horizontal bar. The weight of this is 56 lbs, so it’s very stable for ┬ákids to spin front hip circle and back hip circle. it’s very easy to adjust the height of the horizontal bar
It can be used outside and inside.
Shipping Costs: it depends on the delivery place, and amount of products. If you tell me the number of products and State and town, I will estimate the rough freight from Oregon to your town.

If you have any Question, Price Negotiation, and Suggestion,
Please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you

Our company has sold a lot of athletic products, especially sports product in public school. We can recommend all of our products with confidence. Of course, we assure all of buyers that our products are good quality.