INSTRUCTIONS (Gymnastic Bar)


1. Stand both bases up with side tails toward outside.

2 Place vertical upright into base with hole toward outside.

3. Insert the wooden rod into the top of vertical upright and tighten.

4. Screw the handle provided into the side of the base.

5. Insert steel pin into hole on side .

6. Slide all 4 legs into base and proceed to next step.

7. Place the 2 stability bars in the center between the bases and insert the bolts and tighten.

8. To extend base at bottom remove bolts and slide legs out to next hole and then follow step 7


Parts list:  (Gymnastic Bar)

2 Bases ( 2 main pieces that sit on floor)
2 Vertical uprights. (the 2 Parts the wooden Rod insert into)
1 Wooden bar
2 Small Extentions ( the 2 parts that insert into the side of the base)
4 Large Extentions ( the 4 parts that insert into the end of the base
2 Stability bars ( the long thin bars that go between the base)
4 Bolts and nuts ( for connecting the stability bars to the base
2 Handles
2 Steel safty pins

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