Question and Answers

Here is a list of commonly asked questions.


1. Does your bar come with extensions? Yes . Comes with for 4 extensions.This allows the bar to be a full 5ft in length. We also have extra long extensions available as well, These allows the bar to extend to 8ft!

These extra long extensions will help as your gymnast progresses in skill levels.
If you mount down the Gymnastic bar you will not need the extra long extensions.


2.  Does it need to be mounted down?  Sometimes.  Our Bars do great without being mounted down. However sometimes as your gymnast progress in skill levels you may need to mount the Gymnastic bar down to the ground .
Here is a couple of ways to do that.
1.  3/4″ x 4’x8′ piece of plywood placed on top of the flat bars then your 2″ thick mat atop that.
2. Sandbags!  4- 20lb bags of sand will hold your gymnastic bar down!
Where do i get bags of sand?  Home depot or Lowes.
3. Does the Progymnastic bar come with a warranty? Yes!  Covers all part replacement for 1 yr.


4.How long does it take to ship? We process orders within 2 to 4 business day.  May be longer during peak Holiday Months. For exact processing time call 971 517 9409 is located in Portland,Oregon.
We ship using Fed-ex Ground .Click here for exact time.

.Is the actual bar made of wood or fiberglass? Progymnastic uses  1.5 ” Hardwood dowels.
Are the wooden bars strong?  Yes! Very strong.We have tested our hardwood dowels with the weight of 3 full grown men. We have sold thousands of Our Progymnastic training Bars , We are very confident in the wooden bars strength.|
Does the wooden bar flex like the ones at the gym? No. The Bars at the gym are made of fiberglass with a wood veneer over them and being 8ft long allowing for the flex.
What is the differences between wood rods and the fibeglass rods? Strength! Fiberglass rods will never break. Wood dowels could break , However usually never do. Remember Most young gymnast usually only weighs between 40lbs and 80lbs. Our bar are rated at 110 lbs meaning it is safe for any gymnast weighing under 110 lbs.


6. What Level is this Gymnastic bar For? Our Bar was designed for young gymnast  Levels 1 – 5 .
These bars are great for learning Kips. Pullovers, Back hip circles, Casts, Free hip circles and more.